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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  December 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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fremont and some of the neighbors were told to stay indoors. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is at the machine shop now that burned in fremont. >> reporter: investigators are expected to be here at first light trying to figure out what started this fire yesterday. you can see the property is fenced off. significant damage there. in fact, part of the roof collapsed. so far investigators have not been able to get inside because there's concern that walls could fall down. check it video from yesterday right after the fire started sending up a huge plume of black smoke into the air. right after it started here at c & h enterprises at 1:45 yesterday afternoon. the company specializes in machinery and welding precision parts. fire officials say a grinding operation involving metal shavings was under way when this broke out. employees had to run for their lives. everyone got out okay. then there was a lot of concern about the chemicals inside that
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were then spewing into the air,things like volume vents and various machine parts, heavy oils. fire officials ordered the neighborhood to shelter in place. >> we knew ahead of time that we had hazardous materials in the building flammable gases and products of combustion from machine products and such. and so we always keep that in consideration. >> reporter: structural integrity of the building still a question this morning. investigators will be trying to figure out the cause of the fire. now, managers of the company say they are going to also be meeting this morning to try to figure out what's next for their business and employees. anne makovec, cbs 5. new this morning, a lot of shaking going on in southern california. the cbs 5 seismograph recorded the quake that hit off the coast baja, california at 2:36 this morning. the usgs has revised magnitude to 6.3.
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no word of damage and there was no tsunami warning but a lot of folks in southern california woke up and said, what's going on? >> 6:02. bundle up because it's freezing in some parts of the bay area. >> i have a question >> what is colder right now, outside or the cbs 5 studios? >> let's ask lawrence. it feels like in here -- >> it's freezing in here. >> i am perfectly warm today. i think it's just working with you guys. [ laughter ] >> oh. >> yeah. >> that's cold. >> that's real mean. >> sorry about that. hey, folks, looks like we have some cold temperatures showing up outside. frost advisories in the east bay but now the storm clouds starting to roll in and that's starting to warm up the temperatures a little bit. seeing some of those showers most of it off the coastline but now you can see some rainfall making its way into parts of the north bay along the 101. watch out for that. you have may just briefly need the windshield wipe, but really other than that doesn't look too bad. this is going to be a glancing blow with the system as it's going to stay -- the core of it is going to stay off the coast dragging the clouds along the
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coastline for the better part of the day today meaning better chance of rain approaching the coastline. still, the temperatures outside very chilly to begin with. earlier freezing in the livermore valley now 34. still chilly. 36 in santa rosa. 40 degrees in san jose. this afternoon, highs only in the 40s and 50s. cold storms over the weekend too. we'll have more on that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we'll take you outside. here's a live look towards the golden gate bridge. it is super "friday light" this morning. we have been continuing to check in with chp. no major hot spots out the door right now. a live look towards the silicon valley southbound 680. it's moving fine all the way down towards danville. elsewhere the nimitz 880 through oakland, they picked up some overnight roadwork in lanes. northbound and southbound both fine past the coliseum. and some drive times for you in the east bay. westbound 80 that eastshore freeway commute from the
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carquinez bridge to the maze clocking in at 19 minutes right now. it is slow and go through livermore. that's why you see the yellow drive time from the altamont pass towards 680 but the nimitz and westbound 24 both fine. bart on time and a quick check. bay bridge. it looks like the fastrak lanes, the middle lanes are still getting by okay but check out the cash lanes. we are seeing delays beyond the first overcrossing they are not done yet. the highest tides of the year are washing over california coastlines today. the so-called king tides submerged beaches all along the shoreline yesterday. in some spots, the water rushed right into town. the tides hit their peak yesterday around mid-morning. some areas the water rose by just a couple of inches but others it was up by several feet. we found a business this mill valley scrambling to stack sandbags around their building. >> it's been coming in incredibly fast. it looked like it was filling
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up a bathtub. >> it's amazing and coming up really high. >> bill hudson sent us this video from redwood city about an hour after high tide. and even then, the water levels were as high as the butchers of several suvs. take a look. the same thing is happening in southern california drivers had to deal with flooding on this stretch of road in sunset beach yesterday. part of the pacific coast highway there was shut down for part of the morning. king tides occur when the earth, moon and sun align in a way that increases the gravitational pull on oceans toward the shore. and they usually occur several times a year. >> surfers love it. >> i bet. >> i would imagine. san francisco police sergeant is parked at a desk at least for now after boasting about a dangerous off duty joyride. [ engine revs ] >> here it is on a facebook post. sergeant "carl t" bragged that he and his friends were drunk as they blasted through the broadway tunnel in the city at 100 miles an hour in a lamborghini. the sergeant later said he was
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just kidding, it was a joke but he has been assigned to administrative duty while internal affairs sorts it out a little bit. the chief promises swift and severe discipline if it all turns out to be true. and that sergeant is just months away from retiring, as well. if you are using bart to do a little holiday shopping, thieves are targeting you. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran explains the extra tool bart is adding to keep you safe if you are riding bart. >> reporter: bart is stepping up security as part of a safety campaign to make sure that holiday shoppers are aware and safe this holiday season. now, to let you know that bart police say crimes are on the rise around both oakland and san francisco stations during the season. last night bart partnered with oakland police, private and volunteer security guards. shoppers were offered escorts to their cars at the west oakland station. bart riders told us they have encountered some brazen attacks in the past.
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>> i was ambushed by two men. they pointed a gun at me, took my stuff and pistol-whipped me in the face. >> the most common crime at bart stations, cell phone theft. bart police say riders should stop texting and pay attention to their surroundings. for oakland stations, last night's increased patrol was one night only. it was part of an educational effort. but for san francisco bart stations, you will be able to see increased patrols throughout the next couple of weeks. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. these days, oakland police are making much fewer traffic stops. in fact, the numbers are down by 75% from just a few years ago. officers have made fewer than 16,000 stops this year down from 68,000. in 2009, police point to layoffs and staffing shortages that put lower priority items on the back burner. some officers also complain that the paperwork process is a deterrent because it's
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complicated and time-consuming. in other headlines around the bay area, frederick dozier is expected to be sentenced today. the 33-year-old was convicted last month for's series of sexual assaults in san francisco's mission district. the attacks happened last year. dozier could get life in prison the san francisco fire department is getting ready to welcome 48 new firefighters this morning. the swearing-in ceremony will take place at 10:00 at the pg&e auditorium on beale street. pg&e has rushed to check underground electrical equipment across the bay area. the company says required inspections on 1500 pieces of equipment may not have been performed. eight employees and 11 contractors have been fired or suspended over the matter. pg&e does say those workers may have lied about make the inspections and in a statement the company says it's reinspecting all the facilities where work was questioned. the las vegas company that owned the jet that crashed and killed mexican pop star jenni
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rivera is under federal investigation now. starwood management had two planes seized this year by federal law enforcement officials. meanwhile, her remains arrived in l.a. to her family yesterday. police escorted the hearse. rivera and six others died sunday when the small jet crashed near monterey, mexico. software pioneer john mcafee is now in florida. while on the run from authorities in south america he said he played the quote crazy card. mcafee is wanted for questioning in connection with his neighbor's murder in belize. refusing to turn himself in, he illegally entered guatemala and then was deported to the u.s. he admits to faking two heart attacks to speed up his deportation. he says corrupt police officers in belize would jail or kill him. >> people are shot in belize during robberies constantly. the fact that he was my neighbor is why this is international press. i want to make this clear for the 100th time of. i have absolutely nothing to do
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with the murder in belize. >> mcafee now faces questioning from the fbi and the irs for possible tax evasion. coming up, some trash talking over sports leads to gunshots. the terror on a train and it's all caught on tape. >> susan rice is out. who is now on the short list for the nation's top diplomatic post. >> and you know, michelle, tebowing is so 2012. [ laughter ] >> so yesterday. >> now kaepernicking is take the internet by storm. what is it? we'll show you coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hopes of finding a shooting suspect still on the run. ring welcome back. philadelphia police released some disturbing surveillance video in homes of finding a shooting suspect still on the run. apparently, this happened after the bulls sixers game.
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some of the bulls fans were bragging. cameras caught a teenager firing a handgun into a transit train full of fans on wednesday. the gunman fired once? >> the bullet when through one passenger and struck another. check it out. one victim is in critical condition. the other is in stable condition. >> wow. that's disturbing. 6:14. let's check the roads now. >> we should do that, liz. are you warm? >> yeah. are you guys not warm? it's like hawaii. in here. [ laughter ] >> not quite. [ laughter ] let's go outside. you may need your heaters if you are in your car and heading off to work this morning. it is chilly in our studio and outside, as well. lawrence will talk much more about that coming up. in the meantime, we are heating up at the bay bridge. a lot of brake lights this morning. it's because they turned the metering lights on. so we have delays now in the cash and the fastrak lanes. looks like it's backing up towards the 880 overcrossing. to the south bay now and these are our live drive time sensors where everything is still moving at the limit on 101, 280, the guadalupe parkway. these are your drive times now
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as you can see. everything is clear so far this morning. so we can still call this a "friday light" commute. we still have not seen too many incidents on the roads. here's a live look towards the dublin interchange. those taillights, that's the westbound commute. this is close to the tassajara exit. we can so you the drive time in the yellow now because of all the brakes through livermore. it's as you head towards vasco road so it is going to be a logical stop and go this morning out of the altamont pass. elsewhere, for the silicon valley commute, westbound 237 coming around that bend stop right by 880 a little slow this morning, a little early as you see this approaching sanger road. not enough to impact the drive time, still 7 minutes on. westbound ride from 880 towards 101. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." and lawrence is talking more about these really frigid conditions outside. >> outside and, what, inside, too, right? >> my lips are numb! >> it's chilly everywhere. storm clouds are rolling into the bay area. we are starting to see light
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showers popping up on our high- def doppler radar. most of the energy from the system going to stay off the coastline. but it's going to be a glancing blow wit this system. light showers at this time and that's the way it's going to stay for the better part of the day. the core of the low, the center, is going to stay off the coast and swing southward. still, all those clouds going to roll in across the bay area. it's going to keep temperatures way down outside. if are you headed out the door right now, chilly numbers already. dip down to the freezing point in parts of the east bay. and going to stay chilly throughout the day. weak storm system sliding by to keep things unsettled and more rain expected over the weekend. a series of cold storms going to keep us on and off wet probably well into next week. right now mostly cloudy skies, temperatures have moderated just a little bit. still, chilly though, 34 degrees in livermore. 36 in santa rosa. and it's currently 40 in san jose. frost advisories continuing to the east bay near freezing
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temperatures there until about 8:00 this morning. but numbers beginning to start to come up as we start to see the cloud cover roll in the core of the low making its way at the coastline and more on the way. not much energy with the system, just scattered showers as you approach the beaches. then we'll start to break things up but more storm clouds rolling in on saturday to bring in another round of some rain. the temperatures going to stay cool. highs only in the 50s in the south bay. looking at 40s and 50s into the east bay. and inside the bay we'll keep those temperatures cool. 50s for the most part and well, looks like going to keep things wet not only this weekend but well into next week, guys. back to you guys. >> thank you. rival protests are continuing today on the streets of cairo. it's just one day before a vote begins on a draft constitution. egypt islamists are in conflict with liberals, who oppose president mohamed morsi. the opposition says the proposed document will open the door rights abuses and islamist domination. violence has erupted over the past three weeks.
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the vote is scheduled for tomorrow and the following saturday. the u.s. is second two batteries of patriot missiles to turkey along with 400 troops to operate them. defense secretary leon panetta signed a deployment order today as he traveled to turkey. it's intended to be part of a nato force to protect turkey from a potential syrian attack. the patriots are capable of shooting down shorter range ballistic missiles as well as aircraft. president barack obama will meet privately today with u.n. ambassador susan rice. rice has withdrawn her name from consideration to be the next secretary of state. ambassador rice had come under fire from some republicans on capitol hill over her comments following the deadly attack in benghazi, libya back in september. >> i withdrew my name because it's right for the country and the president. >> her interest is in serving me but more importantly serving the country and she has done an outstanding job. >> with rice no longer being
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considered, massachusetts senator john kerry is the most likely nominee for secretary of state. it's 6:19 right now. kaepernicking now replacing tebowing. but what does it all mean? >> i like it. i'll tell you that much. plus a sticky situation, how two nfl players got stuck together. is there an engineer in the house? >> some cold weather around the bay area. cold in the high country if you want to go out and enjoy a new snow up there. it is looking like more snow for the weekend. heavenly with as much as 48 inches on the ground. northstar expecting more snow. low snow levels heading there this weekend. and squaw valley checking in with 30" on the ground. more to come. we'll have more on your weather when we come back. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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starting out with chilly temperatures and rain around the bay area. what about the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> what about the weekend? always important the weekend. a member of the giants 2010 world championship team is coming back to san francisco. andres torres was sent to the mets and he is coming back to share the duties in the outfield. the 34-year-old torres inked a one-year deal of with the giants for $2 million. manager bruce bochy says everybody loves andres as a teammate and he is back in the saddle. play of the day comes from the midwest. iowa's morningside takes on indiana's marian. we have some college football. watch now. morningside quarterback joel nixon has a run. he is number 10. like doug flutie here! he is going, going! eventually he finds a little pocket there and unload a touchdown. six yards, he had to run 100 yards to throw the six yards. nice though. but he lost the game in overtime. still the play of the day.
6:24 am
sticky situation during thursday night football. there we go. andre smith of the bengal as brandan of the eagles became attached at the helmet. they were finally separated. cincinnati won 34-13. those guys got separated. >> funny. >> speak of football. the 49ers new star quarterback celebrated a recent touchdown with a move that's quickly catching on. >> yeah. it's called kaepernicking. cameras captured the turlock native kissing his tattooed bicep after of a win against miami last weekend. now on twitter fans are posting picturesof themselves kaepernicking. >> like this. >> you just kaepernicked. >> all right. >> now we know. >> everyone is doing t and we may get to see kaepernick's signature move this sunday when the 9ers take on the new england patriots. >> i hope he gets to do it a lot in the game. it's going to be a good game.
6:25 am
>> it will be great sunday night. >> coming up 100 miles an hour in a 35-mile-per-hour zone. the punishment for a bay area cop. >> king tides pound the california coast. a look at the damage so far. >> and investigators are expected to arrive this morning at the scene of a huge fire yesterday. we'll tell you whatsoever has been impeding their work next. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. he said call 911 we have a fire. it got worse after that. >> toxic concerns after an intense fire least an east bay business in ruins. >> fire investigators have been unable to enter this building.
6:29 am
>> a late-night meeting in the "fiscal cliff" face-off. >> i think speaker boehner has a contentious caucus. >> the president wants to pretend that spending isn't the problem. that's why we don't have an agreement. >> i was ambushed by two men. they pointed a gun at me. took my stuff and pistol- whipped me in the face. >> bart passengers get special police protection. >> i'm now going to speak out and i'm going to speak out big time. >> still wanted in central america, software pioneer john mcafee returns to the u.s. >> just as billed, the highest tides of the bay area hit the bay area. >> the king tides come in fast. >> it's been coming in incredibly fast. it looked like it was filling up a bathtub. >> from across the bay to around the world... the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning.
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it's friday, december 14. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30 on a chilly day. and an east bay business is in ruins this morning after a fire so intense even the firefighters had to back off this. they still can't get into the building this morning. a viewer sent us some of these photos of flames shooting through the roof at c & h enterprises down in fremont. now, the three-alarm fire destroyed the building on boggs terrace. the thick, black smoke could be seen for miles. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is at the machine shop that burned in fremont. and anne, apparently the building is in danger of collapsing. >> reporter: yeah. major structural damage. they now have the building fenced off as you can see here behind me. a lot of black debris in there. part of the roof collapsed. and investigators are expected to arrive here this morning at first light to try to figure out what started this fire. so far they haven't been able to because there's danger that some of the walls could collapse. here's the video from yesterday when this fire was sending up a
6:31 am
giant plume of black smoke. it was visible from all over fremont. fire officials say workers were doing some grinding with metal shavings when the fire broke out at c & h enterprises. the company specializes in welding parts. employees rushed to get out after that fire started at 1:45 in the afternoon. >> jay came running into the office. i could see the smoke billowing over the roof to the front and he said, call 911, we have a fire. and it just started getting worse after that. >> did everyone get out? everyone run? >> everyone got out and everybody is safe. >> reporter: fire officials issued a "shelter in place" order for the entire neighborhood because the chemicals in the burning building, a lot of those chemicals got into the smoke and there was danger that could be toxic. the company is shut down and managers are meeting to figure out what's next for the business and employees.
6:32 am
live in fremont, anne makovec, cbs 5. well, the story everyone is talking about is the weather. it's 34 degrees in livermore. >> it's 46 degrees in san francisco. it is 48 degrees in our studio! >> it's a little chilly outside everywhere you go and in the studio today. now we're seeing clouds move in. in fact, seeing some raindrops around the bay area on our high- def doppler radar. some of those light showers beginning to show up as the weak system slides in along the coastline. most of the energy just off the coast but yeah, we are seeing scattered light showers continuing into parts of the east bay. and well, it looks like that's all we're going to get out of it is a couple of light raindrops. the low is heading south ward dragging clouds with it but we'll see clouds moving on and off throughout the bay area skies today but of the temperatures staying cool outside. in fact those numbers going to be very cool as we head throughout the afternoon. cloudy skies this morning cold, yup, we have a chance of some light showers and then some more rain on the way for the
6:33 am
weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up. elizabeth? >> okay. thank you, lawrence. and outside right now, we'll show you a live look along the peninsula. things have just been moving exceptionally well so far this morning. this is a live look towards candlestick. a line of green on 101 and 280. so no delays at all. these are your drive times. 101, 280, 92, all so far in the clear. where we are starting to see a few brake lights is the silicon valley commute westbound 237 a tiny bit sluggish not much to sanger road. elsewhere westbound 580 slow- and-go from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. that drive time is up to 22 minutes now. the nimitz freedom is problem- free incident-free between hayward and downtown oakland. coming up we'll check the bay bridge. there is a bit of a wait. back to you guys. the highest tides of the year are hitting the bay area and they are expected to
6:34 am
continue today. the so-called king tides submerged beaches all along the shoreline yesterday. in some spots the water rushed right into town. the tides hit their peak yesterday around mid-morning in some areas the water rows by just a couple of inches but in others, it was up by several feet. we found a business in mill valley scrambling to stack sandbags around their building. >> it's been coming in incredibly fast. it looked like it was filling up a bathtub. >> think it's pretty amazing and it's coming up really, really high. >> bill hudson sent us this video from redwood city about an hour after high tide. and even then the water levels were as high as the bumpers of several suvs. this is all happening because there's an increased gravitational pull off the pacific ocean. new this morning, a strong earthquake in the ocean off baja, california. it happened at 2:36 this morning. the magnitude is revised down to 6.3. thousands of people felt it near the u.s./mexico border but
6:35 am
no damage is reported and there is no tsunami warning. 6:35 now. a san francisco police sergeant is parked at a desk for now after boasting about a dangerous off duty joyride. [ engine r.e.s. engine revs ] >> in a facebook post sergeant "carl t" bragged he and friends were drunk as they went through the broadway tunnel at 100 miles an hour in a lamborghini. he said he was just kidding. he is on desk work until internal affairs investigates. bart is giving extra security this holiday season. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the westfield shopping center here in san francisco and kate, i guess shoppers headed to the malls on bart trains are apparently big targets for thieves. >> reporter: you're right, frank. it's easy to get distracted from the shops to the bart
6:36 am
station. bart is launching a safety campaign to make sure you are safe during this holiday season. last night at the west oakland station, bart police and others offered escorts for riders to their cars. thieves are watching your every move. >> they are watching you and noticing that you're not watching them so they are going to take that opportunity to take pa property from you. >> for oakland station increased patrol last night was only last night as part of an educational effort. opd says there aren't enough resources to sustain it longer. now, bart patrol in san francisco, though, will be stepped up throughout the next few weeks. now, the most common crime at bart stations is cell phone theft. so bart police want to make sure you are paying attention and you're not texting or tweeting. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. oakland police are trying a new tactic to get guns off the
6:37 am
streets. they want to buy them from you. the department is holding an anonymous buyback event tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at saint benedict church. people can turn in as many as three guns and get cash on the spot. >> each gun will be given a cash reward of $200 apiece up to $600 in total. and we will receive those guns with no questions asked. >> there are some requirements. the weapons have to be in working condition. and you need to bring proof that you live in oakland. but police stress the program is completely anonymous and your information will not be recorded. watch out for fake ipads. vallejo police uncovered a possible scam last week when they found a stashof phony ipad boxes. they bubble wrapped to hide the features. police say the suspect was found with the boxes at a local shopping center and may have been trying to sell them at a cheaper price than the real apple products. leading computer security
6:38 am
firm is warning that some of america's biggest banks may be targets of a cyberattack. mcafee says hacking ring based in russia is targeting 30 banks. its goal is to steal millions of dollars from consumer bank accounts. already mcafee has found up to 500 computers are infected. the hackers are allegedly going after wealthy people who might not notice a relatively small amount of money missing in their accounts. president obama and speaker of the house john boehner had a late meeting at the white house yesterday. the pair discussed the impending "fiscal cliff." aides describe the meeting as frank. the two remain stuck on the issue of whether to raise taxes on the top 2%. >> the idea of not raising taxes has sort of become a religion for a lot of members of the republican party. >> the president wands to pretend that spending -- wants to pretend that spending isn't the problem. that's why we don't have an agreement. >> clearly a deal was not
6:39 am
reached yesterday. if they can't find a middle ground, taxes will go up on all americans january 1. this will also be deep spending cuts across the board. coming up, a very bizarre crime. thousand thieves stole a driveway -- how thieves stole a driveway. >> and the new hobbit movie is making people sick. the technology turning stomachs. >> the market just opened. let's check the early numbers. we have a bit of a mixed bag but still early. jason brooks will talk about that and more coming up.
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annual geminid ("gem-in-id") meteor shower that hit its a few hours ag well, clouds are keeping us
6:43 am
from getting a good look at the annual geminids meteor shower. this may be the best one of the year because it's the new moon and the sky is very dark. lawrence was out looking at it last night. >> it was cold and i didn't see one. the clouds have begun to move and we are seeing some scattered showers too. high-def doppler radar is picking up on some of the raindrops. a bands of showers is about to make its way in along the peninsula. a lot of this moisture will stay off the coastline as this system drags to the south. we may see some scattered light showers out toward the beaches for the better part of the day today. and those chilly temperatures go along with that. the core of the low staying off the coast and it's going to slide southward. that means most of the energy from the system will follow that, as well. so not going to see a soaker. in fact, you can see a couple of breaks in the clouds in the distance there over the bay
6:44 am
bridge but the temperatures very cold overnight. some of those numbers dropping down to the freezing levels in livermore early on. now it's moved up to 34 degrees still chilly and frost expected there. 36 in santa rosa and 440 degrees in san jose. frost advisory in the east bay valleys until 8:00 this morning. already seeing temperatures moderate with the clouds moving in. slight chance of scattered showers outside this morning and then we have another impressive storm system moving in for the weekend late in the day on saturday. you will notice as the clouds roll by showers, we have a possibility of a few light showers not much just enough to get the windshield wiper going. then it looks like we start to dry things out. temperatures going to stay cool though. highs only expected in the 40s and 50s. next couple of days, the temperatures running well below the average, unsettled and possibly wet well into next week, elizabeth. >> okay. so a lot of wet weather is coming our way. for now it's dry, and the morning commute has been exceptionally quiet. so here's a live look so far at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is definitely one of our busier spots. they turned on the metering
6:45 am
lights shortly after 6:00 so now we have delays in the cash and fastrak lanes. and it looks like it's stacking now beyond the 880 overcrossing so you're look be at least 15 minutes just to get you on the bridge. a tight squeeze as well up the incline but no stalls or incidents at the bay bridge or the san mateo bridge. so if you were stuck in a backup yesterday after that terrible fatal accident on westbound 92, nothing like that this morning. it is a pretty good ride towards the high-rise. let's go to our maps and we'll show you where it's also getting busy. westbound highway 4 a few brake lights through antioch, just your usual stuff through there. golden gate bridge traffic looks good heading towards san francisco. here's a look at the east bay, the nimitz, this is near the oakland coliseum. both directions moving at the limit. our only slow drive time in the east bay is really westbound 580 as you as you make your way through livermore. that's traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. a big drop in gas prices helped give americans a break in consumer prices.
6:46 am
here it chat about that and more, jason brooks with kcbs and inflation not a big concern right now. we saw that with the wholesale side yesterday. today for consumers it was the steepest drop for gas prices in about four years down 7.4% and this brought down consumer side inflation by 3/10ths of a percent last month. the core rate was up a little bit. food prices were up by two- tenths of a percent. netflix apparently is a little concerned that red box is going to start streaming videos in select markets here pretty soon. and netflix has sent out e- mails with offers of a free month of service for former subscribers hoping they will sign back on. plenty of people signing on for an ipo yesterday. san mateo-based solarcity had a great welcome by the stock market up 47% after debuting its stock at $8 and the solar panel installer having another good day today. take a look at the stock right
6:47 am
enough to up 5.5%. market's fairly mixed now all about the "fiscal cliff." there are plenty of concerns about that. the dow is up 15. nasdaq is falling by 8. that's mainly due to apple being down 2.5%. s&p lower by about 1 point. back to you. >> jason brooks with kcbs and, thanks so much. all talk and no action on the "fiscal cliff" talks. >> yeah. if they can't find a middle ground taxes will go up on all americans january 1. we have heard this time and time again. >> too much. >> cbs 5 political insider phil matier is at caffe roma with mayor ed lee and former mayor willie brown. good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we have here two of the top political minds. i got to ask you guys, why does it always have to come down to some kind of crisis for anything to get done whether it's washington or san francisco? >> well, i have been trying to avoid crises. so we have our budget increasing, we have good revenues going. so i think locally we're doing okay.
6:48 am
>> but we do have to watch out. >> all those things you always wind up having them in the office at the 11th hour, 59th minute, kicking and screaming. why? >> we politicians, phil are different from most people. we really do try to find the perfect answer. and it just takes longer. >> oh, come on. [ laughter ] >> you guys just can't stick around and agree. >> it doesn't work that way. >> you mean boehner and obama are look for the perfect answer? >> everybody is elected and everybody wishes to make good on their promises and clearly, you have to keep the debate going until you appeared to be the winner. >> so it is about winning, then. >> for politicians, probably yes. i have to say so. everybody has different things in play all the time. sometimes they are waiting for the right moment and waiting for circumstances that don't happen. >> how much of it is winning and how much is losing gracefully and saying i had no choice? how many times do i hear it
6:49 am
coming out of meetings? >> you misinterpret the word winning. winning means the good wisdom that i possess has prevailed. [ laughter ] >> meanwhile, we go over a "fiscal cliff." >> no, we never go over the cliff. your question was, why is it that it takes the 11th hour to answer the crisis? and the answer is no, we're trying to build a consensus, period. it just takes longer to get there and we don't close the door until the time expires. >> i have of a question. >> so in this to see who the winner is, do the americans lose? does the average american lose in this game of who wins? >> remember them the people that elected you? >> well, we got two speechless politicians? >> i'm surprised. >> of course. >> why would we bring people into the mix is it. >> you understand that if our
6:50 am
elected like ed lee or willie brown and ultimately what you recommend prevails, the public has won. >> oh. >> because that's what the public wanted. >> so, in other words, obama has to deliver on his tax the rich pledge no matter what. >> not deliver. it is what he said he was going to do because it benefits the public and makes those who make money pay a little more. >> next question speaking of money, how's this for a segue? i have to ask you, this lamborghini driving sergeant, i think we have the video of. can you roll the video on this guy? [ engine revs ] >> you've known "carl t" for years. he goes through the broadway tunnel at 5800 miles an hour in a lamborghini and posts it on youtube or facebook? >> first of all, i thought it was just a prank. obviously it has to be checked it make sure what really happened, was he driving, was he just sitting in the back or is this on duty, off duty? but it's dangerous. it's not something we promote.
6:51 am
>> i got that. i'm going to ask you on that of course you have the stock answer but when you first saw that by the way, mr. mayor, i know you have meetings but i want to show you this video. you might want to know about this video you're going to be asked about. what was your reaction when you saw it? >> my first reaction was, that's nuts. you can't do that through the broadway tunnel. that's one of the most intensely used venues in the city. >> what was your reaction as mayor? oh, boy, am i going to have a great day now? [ laughter ] >> i think my first thing i stayed calm about it. say okay let's see who did it. let's see if there's facts. if somebody is involved in that crazy thing let's do what we're supposed to do. >> isn't the police officer, he is like months away from retiring, too, isn't he? >> oh, no, no. >> "carl t" has been on the force for over 30 years. the he is way okay as far as retirement goes. he has been a character around the north beach area for a long time. so yeah, he can do what he pretty much wants to do.
6:52 am
but my other question to you mayor is there concern at all that a police sergeant in san francisco actually has a lamborghini? [ laughter ] >> you recall, phil, that supervisor alioto as in first alioto had a lamborghini. and she went through the tunnel maybe not at 85. but certainly in a similar fashion. >> fashion. >> i was going to say. >> phil matier, mayor lee and mayor brown, thanks so much, guys at caffe roma. "the hobbit: an unexpected journey" hit theaters at midnight but you will need a strong stomach to see it. the movie already playing in new zealand has left people feeling motion sickness. it's the first studio to use a
6:53 am
new 3-d technology resembling high definition in. >> for people who are motion sensitive it's going to be stroboscopic. it's going to be too crisp around the edges. >> warner brothers says they haven't encountered audiences feeling nauseous yet. but the alternative for those with weak stomachs should see it in 2-d. imagine coming home and your driveway is missing. >> it happened to a woman in florida. she had 300 square feet of brick pavers stolen in broad daylight. you can see the hole. she noticed something was wrong when she felt a bump pulling into the driveway. she then realized someone stole her driveway. her neighbor says they saw two men digging up the bricks but just thought it was part of a construction going on in the house. so if you see someone planting some bricks somewhere in florida -- >> i guess. >> stolen. time now 6:54. coming up a final check of your
6:54 am
top stories. >> including a fire that destroyed a fremont machine shop. why investigators have still not stepped foot inside that building when we come bang. -- when we come back. ,,,,,,
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
destroyed a machine shop. the thre fremont fire investigators hope to be able to search today for the cause of a smoky fire that destroyed a machine shop. the three-alarm fire did so much damage, that it's not safe to go into the building. nobody was hurt in that fire. but hazardous chemicals prompted a "shelter in place" notice in the surrounding neighborhood. our cbs 5 seismograph recorded some shaking at 2:36 this morning. it was a magnitude 6.3 earthquake that rattled southern california. the epicenter was offshore from
6:58 am
baja, california, there are no reports of damage but there were reports people of feeling it. 6.23. you would feel that. >> would you feel that. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> that would get the blood pumping. >> would you leave for colorado the next day! [ laughter ] >> we have showers outside around the bay area this morning. out the door just some light activity mainly along the peninsula along the coastline there. that's what we're expecting with this storm system. not a whole lot of rain but hi- def doppler showing you some rainfall outside and more to come for the weekend. some broken clouds over the bay chilly temperatures to start. frost advisories continuing in the east bay until 8:00 this morning. 30s and 40s right now. and then toward the afternoon, only 40s and 50s for highs going to be cool. >> crank up the heaters if you are hitting the roads this morning. here's a live look across the golden gate bridge. beautiful picture there of traffic heading towards san francisco. we're seeing a few brake lights now for the silicon valley ride still in the westbound 237 commute in the yellow actually turned to green so maybe a little improvement here in the last 10 minutes and otherwise
6:59 am
the nimitz in oakland free and clear all the way towards downtown and the macarthur maze. >> can't believe we're all done because it's 50 degrees in here now. we are warming up. >> my hands are numb. >> it's been so cold in the studio today. can we do some kaepernicking quick? ready? >> looks like you're smelling your armpits. >> have a good morning. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, december 14th, 2012. welcome to "cbs this morning." fallout after the president's pick for secretary of state drops out. we'll talk to madeline albright about what's next for the white house. the u.s. orders hundreds of troops and missiles just outside the syrian border. we'll tell you when they're on their way. could a crime lab cause a crime wave? why thousands of convicted criminals could be back on the streets. but we begin this morning


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